In which direction should the kitchen sink be placed according to Vastu?

The placement and location of various elements within a home influence house owners' energy flow and overall well-being. The kitchen holds particular significance in Vastu principles as a crucial part of the house where food is prepared. Here’s a detailed exploration of the ideal direction from Deejos, the best architects in Chennai, for placing the kitchen sink according to Vastu:

Importance Of Kitchen In Vastu

The kitchen is not just a space for preparing food but an important area in the home. The energy in this space can significantly impact the household's health, harmony, and prosperity. Therefore, the right placement and direction of kitchen elements, including the sink, are believed to enhance positive energy flow.

The placement of the kitchen sink plays a crucial role in Kitchen Vastu, especially as it relates to the water feature and faucets.

  • According to Vastu, the ideal direction for a kitchen is the southeast, and the kitchen sink should be positioned in the northeast corner.
  • In the case of a south-facing kitchen, it is recommended to place the sink on the north side.
  • It is important to note that the sink should not be parallel to the stove or cooking area. This is because the stove represents the fire element (Agni), while the sink embodies the water element. Placing these two elements together can potentially create negative effects. 

The placement of the kitchen sink plays a crucial role in determining the flow of positive energies within the home. By adhering to these Vastu suggestions, our top architects in Chennai work hard to create a harmonious and energetically balanced environment in their kitchens, which is believed to positively influence the family's well-being.

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