5 Vastu tips for construction of house in Chennai

Vastu is the science of architecture that has been incorporated since ancient times. Vastu helps to create spaces in harmony with nature. It also helps balance the energy flow in your home. You can increase positivity and bring prosperity to your home with Vastu rules. Here are 5 Vastu tips for the construction of a house in Chennai:

1. Orientation: 

Vastu gives importance to the orientation of the space according to the direction and nature of the space. For example, the main entrance of the house must be facing east or north to bring positive energy and ensure the flow of natural light and air. The kitchen should ideally be in the southeast corner of the house, and the person should face east while cooking.

2. Room placement:

The placement of each room gives a distinct effect according to its function. Vastu suggests the right placement of spaces to encourage the positive effect of space. For example, the master bedroom should be ideally placed in the southwest corner of the house, while the children’s bedroom can be in the northwest corner. The living room should be in the northeast corner.

3. Colors:

According to Vastu, the colors used in your house can have an impact on your mood and well-being. It is recommended to use light colors like white, light blue, and light green in your house.

4. Ventilation:

Proper ventilation is crucial for a healthy and positive living environment. Ensure that all rooms have windows that open to the outside and allow for the flow of fresh air.

5. Water bodies:

According to Vastu, having a water body like a well or a pond in the northeast corner of the house is considered auspicious. However, it is important to ensure that the water is clean and well-maintained.


Considering Vastu for home is very important, as it will help in creating spaces that improve mental health and life. If you are planning to build your new home, never miss these Vastu tips. Build your home to attract more positivity and improve your well-being.