What direction should the main door face in Chennai according to Vastu principles?

The main door is the entry to your home, which is the transition between outdoors and indoors. Also, it is the entrance for positive energy into your home. Therefore, the main door must be placed in the right direction to encourage more positivity in your home.

According to Vastu, the best direction for the main door of a house in Chennai is the east or north-east direction. The east direction allows the morning sun rays to enter the house, bringing in positive energy, while the north-east direction is believed to be the direction of God, which brings in prosperity and good luck. It is important to note that the main door should not face south-west as it is considered inauspicious and can bring in negative energy.

When building your new home, make sure that you consider these Vastu tips for the main door to bring an abundance of positivity into your home.