How is Deejos architects different from other building contractors in Chennai?

Deejos Architects is different from other building contractors in Chennai in various ways:

1. Focus on Design: Deejos Architects is an architectural firm that focuses on design and offers turnkey solutions to their clients. They provide customized designs based on the client's requirements and preferences.

2. In-house team of experts: Deejos Architects has an in-house team of experts including architects, structural engineers, interior designers, and project managers. This ensures a seamless and efficient execution of the project.

3. Quality assurance: Deejos Architects ensures the use of high-quality materials and adherence to strict quality standards at every stage of the construction process.

4. Technology-driven approach: Deejos Architects uses modern construction techniques and the latest technology to ensure timely completion of the project without compromising on quality.

5. Transparent communication: Deejos Architects maintains transparent communication with their clients throughout the project, ensuring that the clients are updated about the progress and any changes in the plan.