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DEEJOS is the Best Architecture Firm in Bangalore specializing in Architecture, Construction, and Interior Design providing Turnkey construction services to get your Dream home designed and constructed. If you looking for the Best Architects in Bangalore to build your home, DEEJOS is the best Building contractor in Bangalore to hire for.

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Beach House by Deejos
Best Architects in Bangalore
Architects in Bangalore
Residential Architects in Bangalore
Construction Company in Bangalore
Residential Construction Company in Bangalore
Best Residential Architect in Bangalore
Top Construction Companies in Bangalore

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Best Architects in Chennai
Construction Company in Chennai
Architects in Chennai
Residential Construction Company in Chennai
Best Architects in Chennai
Construction Companies in Chennai
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per sqft




per sqft
1A) 2D Floor Plan
1B) 3D Elevation Design
1C) 2D Furniture Layout
1D) Working Drawing
1E) Staircase Detail
1F) 3D Half Layout
1G) Air Conditioner Layout
1H) Set Back Area 3D & Detailing
1I) Swimming Pool Drawings
1J) Landscape Design & Detailing
1K) Elevator Detailing
1L) Section Drawing
1M) Bathroom Layout
2A) Pit Detail and Column Location Drawing
2B) Column Detail Drawing
2C) Roof Slab Detail Drawing
2D) Sump Structural Drawing
2E) Septic Tank Structural Drawing
2F) Structural Load Calculation
2G) Elevator Room Slab Detail
2H) Over Head Tank Detail
3A) Electrical Loop Diagram
3B) Plumbing Detail Drawings
3C) Electrical Wiring Drawings
3D) Elevator Wiring Plan
3E) Genset Wiring Plan
3F) Security Systems wiring plan
3G) Home Automation Wiring Plan
3H) Solar Heater Wiring Drawing
3I) HVAC Layout
4A) 3D Interior Room Views
4B) 3D Toilet Views
4C) Modular Kitchen Detailing
4D) Cabinet Detail Drawings
4E) Material & Colour Selection
5A) Building Plan Approval Assistance
5B) Temporary Electricity Connection
5C) Permanent Electricity Connection
5D) Water Connection
5E) Sewage Connection
6A) Living, Dining & Kitchen Flooring
2'x2' Digital Vitrified Tiles
2'x4' Digital Vitrified Tiles
Italian Marble - Diana Series
6B) Bedroom Flooring
2'x2' Digital Vitrified Tiles
2'x4' Digital Vitrified Tiles
2'x4' Digital Vitrified Tiles
6C) Bathroom Wall Tile
1'x2' Digital Vitrified Tiles - Upto 7' Height
2'x4' Digital Vitrified Tiles - Upto 7' Height
2'x4' Digital Vitrified Tiles - Upto Ceiling
6D) Bathroom Floor & Balcony Floor
1'x1' Anti-skid Ceramic Tiles
2'x2' Anti-skid Vitrified Tiles
2'x2' Anti-skid Vitrified Tiles
6E) Kitchen Wall Tile
1'x2' Vitrified Glossy Tiles
2'x2' Vitrified Glossy Tiles
2'x4' Vitrified Glossy Tiles
6F) Kitchen Counter Top
Jet Black Granite upto 15' Length
Black Galaxy Granite upto 15' Length and uitility
Quartz Stone
6G) Terrace Flooring
Water proofing with cement mortar finish
Water proofing with 1'x1' heat reflective tiles
Water proofing with 2'x2' exterior grade anti-slip tiles
6H) Car Park Flooring
1'x1' terracotta parking tiles
16"x16" Vitrified heavy duty parking tile
16 to 18mm premium look Rough Stone
6I) Staircase Flooring
1'X1' Ceramic Step Tile
Black Granite / Full Body Tile
Italian Marble - Diana Series
7A) Inner Walls Paint
2 coat putty with Nippon-Breeze Emulsion
2 coat putty with Nippon Prof Matex Gold- Ultra Smooth
2 coat putty with Asian Royale Shine/Nippon - Satin Glo+
7B) Exterior Walls Paint
Nippon Atom 2 in 1
Nippon -Exterior - Weatherbond Advance with Brilliant White
Asian - Ultima Pro Tek /Nippon- Weatherbond Advance with Brilliant White
7C) Ceiling Paint
Nippon-Breeze Emulsion
Nippon Prof Matex Gold- Ultra Smooth
2 coat putty with Asian Royale Shine/Nippon - Satin Glo+
7D) Exterior Wall Putty
Front Elevation Only
Three Sides
8A) Switches & Plates (Brand)
Modular Switches - White (Fybros)
Modular Switches - Designer finish with Colour Options (Fybros / Legrand / Anchor)
Designer Switches with Glass Plate (Fybros / Legrand / GM)
8B) Wires (Brand)
FR Cables (Kundan)
FR Cables (Orbit / Kundan)
FRLS Cables (Orbit / Kundan / Finolex / Polycab)
8C) Distribution Box (Brand)
1 nos per project (Havels)
1 nos per 2 floors (Havels)
1 nos per Each floors (Havels)
8D) Meter Panel & Fixtures
MS powder coated 3 phase 2 service EB metering panel box
9A) Soak Pit
9B) Concealed Plumbing Lines
Star CPVC heat resistant pipes
Ashirvad - CPVC heat resistant pipes
Ashirvad/Finolex - CPVC heat resistant pipes
9C) Outer Drain
Star PVC Pipe 4kg
Ashirvad - PVC Pipe 6kg
Ashirvad/Finolex - PVC Pipe 8kg
9D) Outer Water Lines
Star PVC Pipes
Ashirvad PVC Pipes
Ashirvad/Finolex - UPVC Pressure Pipes SCH 40
9E) Rain Water Harvesting Pit
9F) Solar Heater Line provision
10A) EWC
Floor mounted closet Parryware
Wall mounted Jaguar closet with Rimless
Wall mounted Kohler closet with concealed flush tank
10B) Wash Basin
Wall Hung washbasin
Wall Hung designer washbasin
Countertop with designer washbasin
10C) Shower Unit
2 Way Wall Mixture with 4"Showerhead
Concealed diverter with 4"Showerhead
concealed diverter with 8"x 8" Rain shower
10D) Floor Trap
4" SS drain
4" SS drain
4" tiletop drain + long shower drain
10E) Full Length Mirror
10F) Kitchen Sink
24" Single bowl SS Sink
24" Single bowl SS Sink + drain board
24" Single bowl Quartz Sink
10G) Kitchen Tap
Flexible Neck Dual Flow
Flexible Neck Dual Flow
Pull Down Tap Sprayer Brushed Nickel
11A) Main Door Frame
Teak 1st quality 3.5' X 7' (Thickness 5" X 3")
Teak 1st quality 3.5' X 7' (Thickness 5" X 3")
Teak 1st quality 4 ' X 8' (Thickness 6" X 4")
11B) Bedroom Door Frame
Teak 2nd quality 3' X 7' (Thickness 4" X 2.5")
Teak 2nd quality 3' X 7' (Thickness 4" X 3")
Teak 2nd quality 3' X 7' (Thickness 4" X 3")
11C) Bathroom Door Frame
WPC Frame 2.5' X 7' (Thickness 4" X 2.5")
Teak 2nd quality 2.5' X 7' (Thickness 4" X 3")
Teak 2nd quality 2.5' X 7' (Thickness 4" X 3")
12A) Main Door
1st Quality teak door @ 14k
1st Quality teak door @ 21K
1st Quality teak door @ 40K
12B) Bedroom Doors
Membrane Door
Designer Flush Door
Polished veneer doors
12C) Bathroom Doors
White WPC door
Designer flush Door or WPC door
Polished veneer doors
13A) Main Door Lock (Brand)
Mortise Door Lock (Godrej / Lapo)
Main Door Lock with 6 Locking Bolts (Godrej / Europa)
Digital Lock (Godrej - Catus Touch Plus, YDME 50 Pro - Yale)
13B) Bedroom Door Lock (Brand)
SS Cylindrical lock lock with Key (Godrej)
SS Cylindrical lock lock with Key (Godrej)
Mortise Door Lock / Antique Cylindrical lock (Godrej / Europa / Lapo)
13C) Bathroom Door Lock (Brand)
SS Cylindrical lock lock without Key (Godrej)
SS Cylindrical lock lock without Key (Godrej)
Mortise Door Lock / Antique Cylindrical lock (Godrej / Europa / Lapo)
14A) UPVC Windows
White Sliding UPVC window max size 4' X 5'
White Sliding UPVC window max size 5' X 6'
Big size french Sliding UPVC window with color option
14B) Grills
MS safety Grill with Enamel paint for all windows
MS safety Grill with Enamel paint for all windows
MS safety Grill with Enamel paint for all windows
15A) Balcony Railing
SS 304 grade railling
SS 304 grade railling with 10mm Toughned Glass
Seamless 10mm Toughned Glass with SS 304 grade railing
15B) Staircase Railing
SS 304 grade railling
SS 304 grade railling
SS 304 grade railling with 10mm Toughned Glass
16A) Percentage of Window Openings
1 Window per room
1 Window per room
2 Windows per room
16C) Number of Electrical Points
Standard as per annexure
Standard as per annexure
No Limits
16D) Base Height
3' From Natural Ground level
3' From Natural Ground level
4' From Natural Ground level
16E) Roof Height
16F) Depth of Isolated Foundation
17A) Steel
Sunvik Fe 500
Kamdhenu / Sunvik Fe 550
JSW / Isteel Fe 550
17B) Cement
ACC / Birla
ACC / Birla / Ultratech
ACC / Birla / Ultratech / Ramco
17C) Brick/Blocks
AAC blocks
Chamber bricks / AAC blocks
Wirecut bricks / AAC blocks
17D) Ready Mix Concrete for Roof
17E) Sand
M sand double water wash
M sand double water wash
M sand double water wash
17F) Water Proofing
17G) Over Head Tank
3000 L Sintex
4000 L Sintex or concrete tank with Automatic Level Sensor
17H) Full time Dedicated Site Engineer at Site
17I) Architect Support
Until Design Completion Stage
Until Design Completion Stage + 1 Site visit
Throughout the Project, colour selection, material selection, till interiors + 3 Site visits
17J)Mobile APP Access & Updates
17K) 24/7 Camera View
17L) Warranty & Maintenance
1 year
2 years
3 years
17M) Solar Heater
17N) Pressure Pump
1HP pressure pump
17O) CCTV Cameras
6 Channel CCTV
17P) False Ceiling in Living & Dining
17Q) False Ceiling in Bedrooms
17R) False Ceiling in Bathrooms
What's not Included in Package : Borewell, Interior Works, Special Designs in Elevation, Sump, Septic Tank and Compound wall.

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S.No Work Area Unit Rate Cost
(Enter the total required Built up Area All floors including Headroom)
sqft Rs.2100 Rs. 0
2 Size of RCC Water Sump ltr Rs.18 Rs. 0
3 Size of Septic Tank ltr Rs.18 Rs. 0
4 Plain Compound Wall sqft Rs.425 Rs. 0
Total Construction Cost Rs. 0

Enter the Total Construction Area including Headroom (sqft)

(Rs.2100 per sqft)     Rs. 0

Size of RCC Water Sump (ltr)

(Rs.18 per ltr)     Rs. 0

Size of Septic Tank (ltr)

(Rs.18 per ltr)     Rs. 0

Plain of Compound Wall (sqft)

(Rs.425 per sqft)     Rs. 0

Total Cost
Rs. 0


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DEEJOS believes in a well planned project and services. Which is why we offer a step by step stages of services from a soil test, groundbreaking ceremony, column marking, column excavation and foundation, roof shuttering work, roof concrete, partition walls, flooring electrical and plumbing, solar heater, lifts, security services, swimming pools provision, door and windows fittings, gates and landscaping to key handover and housewarming.

DEEJOS provides total transparency in all of our dealings. We are unique architecture businesses with a mobile application designed specifically for all of their updates. This application notifies users in a timely manner about their projects, forthcoming tasks, work-in-progress status, employees, technicians engaged, building contractors in Bangalore, and other valuable info.

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DEEJOS is one of the best architecture firms in Bangalore. Our team of experienced professionals create modern and stylish designs that stand out from the rest. We work hard to make sure their clients are satisfied with the end result, no matter how complex the project may be.

DEEJOS provides excellent customer service and takes the time to understand the specific needs of each client. From classic traditional styles to unique contemporary designs, we will help you find the perfect fit for your home or office space. With a passion for creating beautiful structures, DEEJOS has become one of the most respected architects firms in the city.

We have a structured and curated designing process. If you look into the stages that go into our design process, as architects, you will understand the importance we give to our designs. The designing process begins with an architectural floor plan, site plan, structural drawing, 3D half layout, elevation 3D design, 3D interior designs, and approval drawing.


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DEEJOS is Hyderabad's premier architectural firm. Whether you need residential or commercial architecture, DEEJOS has you covered. With a dedication to outstanding customer service and innovative ideas, you can be confident that you will receive a one-of-a-kind product tailored to your specific needs. Experience quality craftsmanship and superior design at DEEJOS - the best architect firm in Hyderabad!


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At DEEJOS Architect Firm, we specialize in designing homes, offices, hotels, residentials, and any other type of structure! Our experienced team can work with you to come up with the perfect design for your project.

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DEEJOS Architect Firm has been providing top-quality architectural services for more than 15 years. We've worked on hundreds of projects throughout India and pride ourselves on our commitment to quality.

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We have an incredible team of experienced and knowledgeable architects who bring their unique talents to every project. Our attention to detail, eye for design, and commitment to providing a quality service sets us apart from the rest. Plus, we offer competitive pricing so you know you're getting the best value around.


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